Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking back on the Opening Homestand

Today marks a full week removed from a game at Target Field. I am still asked at work EVERY day about the park, and how I like working there. My general response:

It sure is pretty!

We had nearly perfect weather, a couple of cold days, but mostly sunshine, and the one time it rained- people cheered. I have a theory about how lucky we got with the weather. I believe that Mother Nature has smiled on the Twins- she is thankful that we removed the asphault and cement of the Rapid Park Parking Lot- and planted real grass and a few trees (in centerfield). Target Field was LEED certified by Opening Day, and has many wonderful "green" features-- sure to be the topic of an off-week blog.

Of course when we look back on how fun the first week was... we can't help but be excited about how well the team played! Winning each series so far this season (until today!), really added to the whole experience.

We as employees, fans and Minnesotans, were blessed with an amazing April. Keep it up boys!

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