Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1st, 2013- No Foolin'... It's Opening Day!

First, let me say, that I cannot believe that I haven't posted in this blog since 2010. Seriously? I thought I'd put at least a couple of posts over the last two years. Well, that means there will need to be a lot of catching up. But that will have to come later... because today is Opening Day!

Opening Day attire- 33 degrees and Sunny!
This will be my FIRST Opening Day, as a non-employee in 18 years (I guess we will have to post some entries about that).  I have always given my Opener tickets to my brother and nephew, because I have always worked the game. This year is a different story. I HAD to let them go, but I also HAD to be there myself. So I bought extra tickets. Thanks to my friend Dan, in the ticket office, I was able to acquire the two seats directly behind my own tickets. As I write this- Troy and Kaden know that I will be at the game, and we'll be sitting nearby, but they do not know how close. :) I'm pretty excited for Jen and I to show up behind them!

As a non-employee, I decided to set an attendance goal.  I would like to attend one game per series. This seems like a lot, so it might be one game per homestand, but we will see! I'm pretty excited to go this year!! Last year, I think I only got to a couple of games on my own tickets, and a few through groups of friends.  Anyway, as a newly re-dedicated fan, I decided that this blog needed to come back!

Of course, it IS Minnesota, and while Opening Day at Target Field has been pretty mild so far... today is NOT going to be mild. The sun is shining, there's a breeze (we will call it a WIND- it's WINDY) and the high today is 33 degrees. Seriously. So- I thought I would kick off this blog with a pre-game post about my attire. Here it is. 2 pairs of socks, long underwear, jeans, t-shirt, long sleeve T, hoodie, winter jacket, stocking hat and mittens! Zoikes! Stay tuned for how this all turns out!

Time to start the process of adding layers.
Go Twins!!