Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Target Field Critters arrive!

Last night was the first night for me to have to work all day (I get up at 5am) and then work the game, followed by getting up and going to work the next day (and oh yeah, I'm working again tonight!). The boys gave me a nice quick game that ended at about 9:35.

Unfortunately, we were a little short staffed, and I ended up giving some breaks to my staff, before I could take my own. Finally I got mine (I was sooo hungry!), and ran to the break room about 9:20- I heated my dinner and started eating when Peter said, "oh- it's the top of the 9th"! I tried to finish my peanut butter cup dessert quickly- but it's peanut butter so it only goes so fast. I made it back up to the Legend's club just in time for the 3rd out! Game over!

As I was clearing my ushers out 30 minutes later, they informed me that the Lengend's Club had aquired its first pet. A bat. Then my charming ushers made me go out and look- yuk! He was HUGE! The size of a hamster, just perched on the wall. We named him BC because that's the section he was in.

After viewing BC I text Jess... "there a bat in B-C" , she responded "Baseball or Vampire?" :) it made me chuckle. I took pictures, of course! This was finally an event worth blogging!

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