Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking back on the Opening Homestand

Today marks a full week removed from a game at Target Field. I am still asked at work EVERY day about the park, and how I like working there. My general response:

It sure is pretty!

We had nearly perfect weather, a couple of cold days, but mostly sunshine, and the one time it rained- people cheered. I have a theory about how lucky we got with the weather. I believe that Mother Nature has smiled on the Twins- she is thankful that we removed the asphault and cement of the Rapid Park Parking Lot- and planted real grass and a few trees (in centerfield). Target Field was LEED certified by Opening Day, and has many wonderful "green" features-- sure to be the topic of an off-week blog.

Of course when we look back on how fun the first week was... we can't help but be excited about how well the team played! Winning each series so far this season (until today!), really added to the whole experience.

We as employees, fans and Minnesotans, were blessed with an amazing April. Keep it up boys!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Target Field Critters arrive!

Last night was the first night for me to have to work all day (I get up at 5am) and then work the game, followed by getting up and going to work the next day (and oh yeah, I'm working again tonight!). The boys gave me a nice quick game that ended at about 9:35.

Unfortunately, we were a little short staffed, and I ended up giving some breaks to my staff, before I could take my own. Finally I got mine (I was sooo hungry!), and ran to the break room about 9:20- I heated my dinner and started eating when Peter said, "oh- it's the top of the 9th"! I tried to finish my peanut butter cup dessert quickly- but it's peanut butter so it only goes so fast. I made it back up to the Legend's club just in time for the 3rd out! Game over!

As I was clearing my ushers out 30 minutes later, they informed me that the Lengend's Club had aquired its first pet. A bat. Then my charming ushers made me go out and look- yuk! He was HUGE! The size of a hamster, just perched on the wall. We named him BC because that's the section he was in.

After viewing BC I text Jess... "there a bat in B-C" , she responded "Baseball or Vampire?" :) it made me chuckle. I took pictures, of course! This was finally an event worth blogging!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Opening Weekend in Review...

After winning a long 3+ hour game on Friday night, the team came back on Saturday for a noon game! The boys won again, but it felt a lot like a night-day double header! I think I left the park about 11:30 on Friday night and was back by 9 Saturday morning! As you can see below- we all kicked off Saturday morning at about the same speed.

My friend Kristen and her husband used my tickets... she promised a posting--Kristen- here's your chance! :)

Sunday was a tough loss. Justin Morneau struck out 3 times with runners on.. OUCH! I think the final score was 10-7... for a minute there in the 9th inning, I thought we were going to pull out a win! But, alas, we did not. I think the boys and the staff were all ready to celebrate Joe Mauer's birthday with a day off on Monday!

First Night Game!

Friday was our first night game! What a thrill! With clear skies and a sunny start, it turned into a breezy, cool, clear evening! The lights of the city in the background... so much fun! Here's what my friends Pat and Eric had to say about the night....

First Night game at Target Field
April 16th, 2010
7:10 Start
Twins vs. K.C. with Baker on the mound.
Twins win 10-3

63 degrees at the start of the game, 53 when it was done. The field is beautiful. Tonya's seats are great, full view of the whole field. Watching night fall on downtown Mpls. was amazing. Watching baseball outside in Minnesota in April was too wonderful for words. Bringing a light stadium blanket would probably have been a good idea. Can't wait to go again!!

Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball
Stadium cons: Not enough sinks in the ladies room
Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball
Stadium cons: Sun glaring off of the old IDS Tower for half an inning
Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball
Stadium cons: Seats seemed narrow when the big dude was sitting next to me (not Eric)
Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball
Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball
Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball
Stadium pros: Outdoor baseball :-)

Thanks for sharing your tickets Tonya. We had a blast.

Here are some of the great shots that Pat took from that first night...

The "handshake sign" lights up nicely at night!

Night is falling on Target Field

I snuck up to say hello!

Pat and Eric enjoying the game!

Thanks again Pat for the amazing header for the blog!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Game 3- Twins "shatter" the Sox

So- we made it through 3 full regular season games this season (6 total with the two exhibitions and the Gopher Game) before our first truely fun blogg-able event! This is one of the things that I AM SURE that we will not remember come September.
As to not add to any embarrasement, I will just say this. After the game was over, a few of the staff members (who shall remain nameless) were closing down the pressbox. The weather was humid after our rainy morning, and sunny afternoon, and the window panes on the front of the pressbox were sticking. A slight accidental nudge and bam! Our first shattered window pane! Thankfully the glass is tempured and only a few small shards fell into the media area where no one was working (they were all in the clubhouse postgame), so no one was hurt. I was notified immediately and we got everything under control. It's a big of a shame it happened this way- and not by way of foul ball, but atleast the Maintenance crew will get an idea of what to do before it happens in the middle of a game!

A few other notes: I thought we were going to experience our first rain delay, when I woke up to thunder at 7am. However, just as the first pitch was thrown, the clouds broke up and the sun peaked through! It turned into a steamy 71 degree day at the park. I think we went through about half of the bottle of sunscreen we keep at the desk. And oh yeah... the Twins shattered the Sox 8-0!
Pedometer count: 11600

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Game 2-- Things got a little wet!

So today was a not so painful loss to the Red Sox of Boston. We experienced our first game with rain-- I guess that's out of the way now... thankfully there was no delay! When it first started raining, people actually applauded... I guess everyone thinks it's ok if we get a little wet.

I would like to make a point to ALL of the local news and weather people.... have you EVER watched a baseball game? Because, a little rain doesn't stop MLB! So, though I appreciated the forecast, please do not tell people that the rain will delay the game... that's not how it works. PLUS- we are MINNESOTANS, a little rain won't make us melt. :)

Pedometer count: 12300

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Home Opener!

13964. That's how many steps I walked on Opening Day during the hours of 11am when I got to Target Field and 8pm when I finally left. It was an amazing and exhausting day! The weather held out for us, despite a forecast of rain.

My Brother Troy and Nephew Kaden were my Home Opener Ticket Holders. They got there around noon, just as the gates were opening, and took it all in. A BP homerun ball was hit there way, took a bounce off a seat in right field, and hit the guy standing next to Troy! They walked the park and enjoyed some pre-game nachos from Senor Smokes!
Then the festivities began! Alumni Players helped raise the flags of the Championship years. Statues were unveiled, and always my favorite- giant flags were displayed.

I delt with my first (and second) ticket issues of the season, and helped a fan desperate for the Opening Day Homer Hanky. He told me.. "you were clearly born for this job". Wow! It's not like you get to hear that everyday!

In the end, the boys won! Handshakes all around! Maybe the best Monday ever!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exhibition Game 2- (April 3rd)- aka Jacque Jones Appreciation Day.

Ok, so this one took me a couple of days to get too, but now I'm watching game #3 in Anaheim and I am ready to write!

Exhibition game 2 was pretty amazing. Peter D and I were standing in the sun, in front of the pressbox, and a fly ball was hit. The white ball against the blue sky... Pete turned to me and say, "we work here". It was one of those Magic Moments for me. I guess I had my first one!

Game number two went a lot more smoothly than game 1, it seemed everything we learned on game one paid off. It just seemed less crazy.

I stepped back out into the bowl during Jacque Jones' last at bat. I have always been a fan of Jacque. I love that he truely loves the game... he used to come down to the field and say " I get to play baseball today!". I've always judged players not on thier ability, but on thier personality and love of game. JJ will ALWAYS be at the top of the list. I don't know why the rest of MN loves him so much, but it warmed my heart to see the standing ovation.

I snapped a few pictures for the memory. I don't wish any injury on any of our boys, but I sure would love to see JJ come back up to the Bigs this season!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Exhibition Game 1- Friday April 2nd.

It turns out Mother Nature really does care about baseball! I arrived at the park at 1 pm in drizzle and by 2pm it was just plain raining. Magically it cleared up and we played ball ON TIME, with no rain delay.

My LRT experience was ... interesting. A guy in the seat next to me asked me if I had a nail clipper for his hang nail! Excuse me? Even if I had one, do you let a stranger borrow your nail clipper-- ewh?! On the way home, the nice driver waited for me, or I would have had to wait for quite some time for another train! Thanks Metro Transit Driver!

I can't say that there was anything really to speak of that happened during the game. We did catch a guy and girl stealing beer from a suite at the end of the game! Stuffing it in your purse.. nice work.

I got to see some friends while I was there!

Here I am standing with David and Cindy Meier...MTS friends hanging out behind homeplate.

I also got a call from my mom who said that friends of our family were there... the Asmus'!
Mary Jo and Al have always just been more than just "the people who lived next door" they are family!

As an added bonus to the evening... I got hugs from both Harmon Killebrew and Jack Morris! Yeah, my job... it doesn't suck! :) All in all, despite the Twins loss, it was a really fun first night of Outdoor Baseball!

Pre-game Jitters

My dinner is packed, uniform is ironed, and I am ready to go. Thought I should take a moment to take it all in. Today is the biggest day in MN sports history! It will be short-lived, as the Home Opener on April 12th will take over that designation. But this is the day that we've been waiting for! Outdoor Baseball is back! It's supposed to rain, but I don't think that there is a ticket holder who cares or isn't prepared to deal with it! At least it's not snowing!

I find myself a little nervous. It's the first day on the new job. How will it go? I'm also a little nervous about taking the LRT, but I've done it before so, what's the big deal right? Other emotions include a little heartache... I've wanted to see the players reactions to the field on thier first day of play for a few years now, but I won't be on the field to see it. I think it's going to be tough this year, getting used to being at the park, but not having that connection to the players. I am still excited about this season, my job, and all the joy it will bring to the fans.

Batter Up! It's time for me to go!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Season Ticket Holder Open House

The Full and 40 game season ticket holder open house was held on Saturday, March 20th. It was a cold but sunny day, and I'd given my brother and nephew (Kaden-11) my 2 passes. I had a great time showing them around! It is still so fun to see everyone's reactions for the first time.

Kaden was pretty interested in the whole "hot dog situation", but after a few bites of his foot long, he declared "this Schweigert hotdog is pretty good." He's 11, what does he know about brands of hotdogs? Clearly this was a HUGE deal in MN, it was strange to know that so many people cared.

I ran into several friends that day, who all agreed that the Legends Club and Metropolitan club were pretty remarkable. While in the Legends Club, Brian turned his back to the field, looked around and said- "from this direction you'd never know you were at a ballpark!" As for the Metropolitan - I'm just looking for an excuse to host a party there.

I think my MTS co-worker Jim said it best... "I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face the whole time!"