Thursday, April 15, 2010

Game 3- Twins "shatter" the Sox

So- we made it through 3 full regular season games this season (6 total with the two exhibitions and the Gopher Game) before our first truely fun blogg-able event! This is one of the things that I AM SURE that we will not remember come September.
As to not add to any embarrasement, I will just say this. After the game was over, a few of the staff members (who shall remain nameless) were closing down the pressbox. The weather was humid after our rainy morning, and sunny afternoon, and the window panes on the front of the pressbox were sticking. A slight accidental nudge and bam! Our first shattered window pane! Thankfully the glass is tempured and only a few small shards fell into the media area where no one was working (they were all in the clubhouse postgame), so no one was hurt. I was notified immediately and we got everything under control. It's a big of a shame it happened this way- and not by way of foul ball, but atleast the Maintenance crew will get an idea of what to do before it happens in the middle of a game!

A few other notes: I thought we were going to experience our first rain delay, when I woke up to thunder at 7am. However, just as the first pitch was thrown, the clouds broke up and the sun peaked through! It turned into a steamy 71 degree day at the park. I think we went through about half of the bottle of sunscreen we keep at the desk. And oh yeah... the Twins shattered the Sox 8-0!
Pedometer count: 11600

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  1. I had no idea a window got shattered. Good practice for the foul ball in the future. I really like that you put your pedometer count on each posting. I need to find or buy a new one. I am eager to see what kind of mileage I will put on this season. I LOVE Twins baseball this year!