Friday, April 2, 2010

Exhibition Game 1- Friday April 2nd.

It turns out Mother Nature really does care about baseball! I arrived at the park at 1 pm in drizzle and by 2pm it was just plain raining. Magically it cleared up and we played ball ON TIME, with no rain delay.

My LRT experience was ... interesting. A guy in the seat next to me asked me if I had a nail clipper for his hang nail! Excuse me? Even if I had one, do you let a stranger borrow your nail clipper-- ewh?! On the way home, the nice driver waited for me, or I would have had to wait for quite some time for another train! Thanks Metro Transit Driver!

I can't say that there was anything really to speak of that happened during the game. We did catch a guy and girl stealing beer from a suite at the end of the game! Stuffing it in your purse.. nice work.

I got to see some friends while I was there!

Here I am standing with David and Cindy Meier...MTS friends hanging out behind homeplate.

I also got a call from my mom who said that friends of our family were there... the Asmus'!
Mary Jo and Al have always just been more than just "the people who lived next door" they are family!

As an added bonus to the evening... I got hugs from both Harmon Killebrew and Jack Morris! Yeah, my job... it doesn't suck! :) All in all, despite the Twins loss, it was a really fun first night of Outdoor Baseball!

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