Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exhibition Game 2- (April 3rd)- aka Jacque Jones Appreciation Day.

Ok, so this one took me a couple of days to get too, but now I'm watching game #3 in Anaheim and I am ready to write!

Exhibition game 2 was pretty amazing. Peter D and I were standing in the sun, in front of the pressbox, and a fly ball was hit. The white ball against the blue sky... Pete turned to me and say, "we work here". It was one of those Magic Moments for me. I guess I had my first one!

Game number two went a lot more smoothly than game 1, it seemed everything we learned on game one paid off. It just seemed less crazy.

I stepped back out into the bowl during Jacque Jones' last at bat. I have always been a fan of Jacque. I love that he truely loves the game... he used to come down to the field and say " I get to play baseball today!". I've always judged players not on thier ability, but on thier personality and love of game. JJ will ALWAYS be at the top of the list. I don't know why the rest of MN loves him so much, but it warmed my heart to see the standing ovation.

I snapped a few pictures for the memory. I don't wish any injury on any of our boys, but I sure would love to see JJ come back up to the Bigs this season!

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  1. I remember my very first encounter with JJ (cool initials!). My first year with the Twins, I was walking down some steps, while Jacque and his family were walking up. He totally wiped out and fell! At first I didn't realize who he was, so I rushed over and asked if he was OK. When he stood up he looked at me (and then I realized exactly who he was) and said "Please don't tell anyone that you saw me do that". Don't worry Jacque, your secret is safe with me.