Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Game as a Fan! May 12th!

I hadn't sold my day game tickets yet, so I decided to ask Mom if she wanted to go. SHE DID! :) So I picked her up and we headed down to the park.

We treated the day much like the State Fair-- it's all about the food! And, if you share everything you get to try twice as much. It was cold, so our first stop of the day was the bar. Where my favorite bartender, Paul, hooked us up with some Irish Coffee. I gave mom the Legend's Club tour, and then we went up to see Dave and Jess at the ECC. (should have taken pictures, I guess) It was nearly game time, so we stopped by Tony O's to get a Cuban Sandwich. YUM. Later we got a Krymarcuk's Brat, and some gelato.

Despite the weather, it was a fun day with mom... and oh yeah, the Twins won! :)

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