Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Double Header at Target Field- Sat May 8th

Our first rainout, followed our first Double Header! It was a crazy long day! I worked 13.5 hours and walked something like 23,753 steps! And it was totally worth it- to be there for history, to be there because we get to play outside now! I searched all day for something that I could take a picture of as "proof" of out double header. Finally after game one- I saw the "next game" sign on the board... it said, "next game tonight!"
After the game, we were asked to help clean up! Ok, that's fine, but really? I picked up a couple bags of trash and it was disgusting. I'm really grateful for my education that allows me to not pick up trash for a living. But, I made sure to document the occasion- as it was a part of the "experience" of the double header. Thanks Terri for posing!
And after the trash pick up, a few of us hung out in the press box lobby until we had to start getting ready for game #2! I took this picture of Peg... I think it's cute!
So that's it! The double header was really not as big of a deal that I thought it was going to be. Still it was a memorable day at Target Field!

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  1. What a great picture of Peg. I miss seeing Peg all the time. Please tell her "hello" for me.