Sunday, July 18, 2010

Navy Seal Leapfrogs on July 3rd!

Armed Forces Day has always been a fun one at the MN Twins. The 2010 Armed Forces Day was no exception. The Navy Seal "Leap Frogs" were here to parachute into Target Field. After several failed practice attempts, due to high winds, it was an all or nothing event! It was pretty windy that day, but they still jumped. Knowing it was coming and seeing the plane fly over, gave me chills! Then it was just wait and watch the crowd react! I remember telling my ushers to be on the lookout incase one of the jumpers crashed into the stands! Thankfully that didn't happen!

Here they come! We couldn't see them yet, but they were on the big screen!

The First jumper landed, sliding from 2nd to 3rd on the grass... pretty sure Larry DeVito was freaking out about the grass! :)

Check out the skyline view on this one.. love it!

This guy crashed into the right field wall just like Michael Cuddyer (or is it Jason Kubel now?), but he was ok!

The last two jumpers... first the POW flag

Then, the American Flag...

They were the only ones who landed close to the target, which in the photo below is lying on the ground behind second base.

The guy carrying the American Flag then placed the game ball behind the mound.

The Leap Frogs jogged off the field, Hi-5ing the fans. It was a great moment!

After the jumpers were safely down, the plane that dropped them buzzed Target Field! I couldn't get a picture, as it was quite the surprise!

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